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Chick Lit for grown ups

Benny and Shrimp - Katarina Mazetti

Don't be deterred by the title, this is chick lit for grown ups, it is about modern passion backed against the harsh reality of day to day life. Have you ever imagined a passion developing between a farmer, bound to his farm by his 24 cows and a librarian? This is miles away from the Hollywood chick lit treatment where the heroines always has the most glamorous job in the world not this time,  Desiree and Benny couldn't be more down to earth than that.  How do they meet? In a cemetery, Benny is mourning his parents and Desiree her husband. I have to admit it doesn't seem so romantic for a start, anyway it sounds a great idea to make two people with a world apart being able to meet and start an unconventional story.