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Alone in Berlin

Alone in Berlin (Penguin Modern Classics) - Hans Fallada
Alone in Berlin relates the story of Otto and Anna Quangel which is inspired from Otto and Else Hampel's  solitary act of resistance during the Nazi period in Berlin. Otto and Anna Quangel loyal admirers of the Furher, decided to move into resistance after their unique son was killed during the overtaking of France. From this moment Otto decides to write postcards against the regime,  displaying them randomly inside office buildings staircases. He is well aware that his act of bravura will take him straight to the death row but keeps going, Otto is embarked on a journey with no return. Wondering when the gestapo will finally catch up with Otto makes your turn the pages with gripping anxiety.
Hans Fallada is really good at relating how a dictature works from within, describing how a rounded human can transform itself into a wimp. You can sense the fear at every page and wonder what would  I have done under such a regime? People are so scared they cant even think for themselves anymore, all their acts and behaviour are turned towards avoiding being noticed, following a straight path, not getting involved being too scared of loosing their lives. Reading through the madness of the people governing the regime,  sounds really surrealistic.The style, the detailed description of each character their shortcoming, inner thoughts, transforms the story in a great piece of literature.